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Darkness shall riseEdit

Pirates vs. NinjaEdit

Double TroubleEdit

Ninjaball RunEdit

Child's PlayEdit

Wrong Place Wrong TimeEdit

A fair distance ahead both pirate crews, the ninja run into one of the worst things imaginable – the mythical, all-powerful Kraken, a beast said to have sunk a thousand ships.

The Stone ArmyEdit

With the first Temple Key in their hands, the ninja temporarily land on the island of Insula Lapidem, to gather supplies and have a well-earned rest. However, the island holds a dark, lethal secret.

The Day Ninjago Stood StillEdit

After unleashing a curse upon Ninjago, turning everything and everyone in the land into stone, the Stone Army declare that they will only undo it if the ninja leave Insula Lapidem, without the second Temple Key.

The Last VoyageEdit

Within a few miles of Tenebrae Surget, the ninja are attacked yet again by the Wave Marauders, who still possess a Temple Key. This time, the ninja must defeat them once and for all.

Island of DarknessEdit

As the ninja finally land on Tenebrae Surget, they realize that all is not as it should be. They soon discover that the Stone Army is present on Surget too, after occupying the island many centuries ago.

The Ticking ClockEdit

With the Stone Army proving too strong, the ninja retreat into the woods to escape and search for the fourth and final Temple Key. However, they end up entering Surget’s toxic swamps along the way.

The Overlord ComethEdit

As the ninja finally reach the Eternity Temple, with both pirate crews occupied but the Stone Army hot on their tail, they find themselves facing an old enemy thought long dead.

The Ultimate Spinjitzu MasterEdit

With Garmadon and the Stone Army defeated and the Fountain destroyed, Kai, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Nya, now equipped with their new PWR Armor, hasten to help Jay in his final confrontation with the Ocean Plunderers.